A Guide for a Mom to Buy Shoes for Her Newborn Baby

A Guide for a Mom to Buy Shoes for Her Newborn Baby

A Guide for a Mom to Buy Shoes for Her Newborn Baby

 Motherhood is a beautiful experience, especially if you have just entered this stage in your life. You might have felt like leaving everything behind after seeing the loving and innocent face of your newborn baby. It’s a beautiful emotion that’s difficult to express in words.

 With the tag of a mother, the responsibility also increases in life. Before the entry of the baby, you only had to look after the adults, which was a bit easy. But with a baby in your arms, the things will change completely. From your daily schedule to shopping to food to friends and so on, everything will be different for you from now onwards. You will see a new phase of life which will be more interesting.

 We said that your way of shopping will change and it’s because you be more interested to buy clothes for the kid. Every time you enter a store or browse online, your interest would kid section. You would love to buy different sets of clothes, shoes, accessories and so on. It would be fun but a bit complicated because you know nothing about kid’s shopping.

 We will make it easy for you. Here, in this post, we will discuss the buying tips for newborn baby shoes.

 Look for grippy and non-slip soft shoes

We know a newborn cannot walk, but still, you should be very particular with the sole of the shoes. Even though the child tries to move, shoes with good grip and non-slippery texture will be a safer option. Other than the grip, the sole should be made up of rubber for sticking on the floor. Besides, don’t buy the shoes that have glue in their sole as it would be toxic material for your newborn baby’s skin.

 Check the flexibility of the shoes

The newborn baby shoes should be very flexible to ensure that the feet are comfortable to move. You can determine the flexibility by considering the material used so you should conduct a flexibility test. The test includes:

  • Lengthwise test in which you have to bend the shoes by placing your thumb on the heel and index finger on the toe. If the shoes are bending without an effort, they are flexible.
  • Width wise test in which you have to twist the shoes in 90 degrees by placing one hand on the toe and another on the heel. If it’s easy to bend, the shoes are flexible.

 Measure the length and width

Before you select the shoes, measure the feet of your newborn baby. Not just the length, you should also measure the width of the feet. If you are buying for a long time, keep a margin while buying because the feet of the kids grow very fast. The measurement should neither be too loose nor too tight for your baby. In both cases, the baby will find it difficult to handle and stay uncomfortable.

 Choose stay-on shoes

Stay-on shoes mean the shoes that would not fall out in any condition. The newborn baby shoes with adjustable elastic straps are the best option to keep the shoes in the right place. You should avoid shoelaces or Velcro in the shoes as they are difficult to manage. Adjustable straps will help you keep up with your fast-growing baby.

 Opt for washable shoes 

Newborn babies are more likely attracted to bacteria and bacterial diseases. So, if you use the same pair of shoes for your child without washing, it will severely affect his health. It will cause skin irritation and lead to other chronic problems. So you should opt for washable shoes and clean them after every use.  

 Considering these buying tips, we are sure you will find the best pair of shoes for your newborn baby.



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